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Rules... Empty Rules...

Post by TLP on Wed Aug 22, 2007 7:43 am

Here are the Rules for this forum...

Rule one: Do not post two times in a row, unless it's really important
Rule two: There is no cussing on here.
Rule three: No spam posts, if so you will be Banned.
Rule four: No avatars bigger then 125 x 125.
Rule fave: Siggys can't be over 600 x 300.
Rule six: You can not post your site til you have 20 post.
Rule seven: This forum is G rated! Do not swear, do not say any bad words.
Rule eight: Have fun here and happy posting!!!

And more...


When you post on the this forums, we ask that you keep everything G ratedˇ Any posts requesting or advertising illegal content such as bootlegs or rips will be deleted!
ˇ Do not spam our boards with one word answers or smilies; we're here for the discussion.
ˇ Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and everyone gets a chance to express it. Personal attacks, flaming and fighting will not be tolerated here.

Because of the size of the forum and loading times required, we ask that your signature banner is at a maximum size of 600px wide by 400px tall.
(Smaller banners are, of course, welcome!)

And finally...
. The administrators do have the right to take any course of action deemed neccessary if any member acts inappropriately or breaks the rules. But we hope we won't need to!

1- Spamming is a small crime. Not very bad. But it is still against the rules. What is spam? Here is an example: A guy is talking about a Ratatouille. Another guy walks in. He says: "LOLOLOLLOL[O PWN3D LIK DID U C DAT GY ON TV WHO HAS A HOOK 4 A HED1111!!!111!!!1???!1?!!/!!?!?!?!!?one.!!!11!!!one" This is spam. It makes you look like a moron. Moron is the highest classification for stupid person. You don't want to look like a moron do you?

2- We care about spam. We care about unfairness. But you know what we hate the most? Flaming. If you flame, you are banned.You cannot flame even in pms. You cannot flame anyone, even if they are a spammer. Flamers know that when they flame, they are banned. And you should too.

3- Hacking. It's bad. It's illegal. People hacked my forums. It hurts. Yep. Hacking/hijacking is bannable. Also, hacking the language filter. You are very lucky because this forum is uncensored so no notice is needed there.

4- Copy Right, infringement, warez, cracks, serials- bad.

5- By saying you are under 13 years of age, COPPA support will be activated. Your parents will have to sign a document. It'll guide you.

6- Moderators have the right to ban you and make you cry when they feel is necessary.

Have a nice time here.

I think that's all you need to know. Have a nice time here.

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